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HMX in 3 Minutes or Less

More than 2,500 hospitalists have logged into HMX to share their experiences and ask questions on a wide variety of topics, from HM group practice management to clinical details about glycemic control.

New communities are being added regularly, so be sure to set up your account, sign up for customizable e-mail notifications, and check back regularly to follow your favorite discussions.

Have a question or idea for other hospitalists? Share it today.

Here’s how to get started. All you need are your SHM login credentials.

  1. Go to www.hmxchange.org.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click the link that reads, “Login to see members only content.”
  3. Enter your SHM login credentials and click login.
  4. Now you’re logged in. On the right-hand side, you will find a box with a list of the various communities. Click on the community you would like to view and/or post in.
  5. Click the “Discussions” tab and, on the right, click the square button that says “+ Post New Message.”
  6. Compose your message with subject and body (and you can include an attachment if you want).
  7. Click “Send.”

Hospitalists can now follow their favorite discussions on the go with the Member Centric app for HMX.

  1. Go to your preferred app store and download “MemberCentric.”
  2. Search for “Society of Hospital Medicine” in the list of organizations.
  3. Log in with your SHM/HMX username and password.
  4. Get access to your discussions, contacts, private message inbox, and events calendar.

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