Hi Dr. Green,

    Can I have the study reference/publication? I like the cited data and want to know more. Thank you.

  2. Amanda Green

    Sure! From the presenter slides, the scope reference was:
    the PREP-4Cs: Lee S, et. al. Transition of Care Practices from Emergency Department to Inpatient:
    Survey Data and Development of Algorithm. West J Emerg Med. 2017(18).
    burnout references:
    Roberts DL, et. al. A national comparison of burnout and work-life balance among internal
    medicine hospitalists and outpatient general internists. J Hosp Med. 2014;9.
    Hartzband P, Groopman J. Physician Burnout, Interrupted. NEJM 2020;382.
    from the case examples:
    Perry M, et al. The Impact of emergency department
    observation units on a health system, AJEM 2021 Oct(48)
    Caulfield CA, et. al. Patients discharged from the emergency department
    after referral for hospitalist admission. Am J Manag Care. 2018 Mar; 24(3)
    Wardi G, et. al. Unexpected intensive care transfer of admitted
    patients with severe sepsis. J Intensive Care. 2017(5)
    Kennedy M, et. al. Identifying infected emergency department patients admitted to the
    hospital ward at risk of clinical deterioration and intensive care unit transfer. Acad
    Emerg Med. 2010(17).
    Kanjee Z, et. al. “Friction by Definition”: Conflict at Patient Handover Between Emergency and
    Internal Medicine Physicians at an Academic Medical Center. West J Emerg Med. 2021(22)
    on conflict navigation: Gallo A. How to navigate conflict with a coworker. HBR. 2022
    Gallo A. How to respond to a rude comment at work. HBR. Nov 2022.
    Pollack CV, et. al. Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine: A Call for Collaboration.
    Am J Med. 2012(125)


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