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Hot-off-the-press insights on heart failure


Hospitalists frequently encounter patients with heart failure – a complex, clinical syndrome, which has high prevalence, mortality, hospitalization rates, and health care costs.

Dr. Dustin Smith, hospitalist, Emory University

Dr. Dustin Smith

The HM20 Virtual session “Updates in Heart Failure” will provide literature updates for all types of heart failure patient scenarios – patients with acute and chronic heart failure, those who are hospitalized with heart failure, and patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). The popular session with questions and answers will be held on Aug. 25.

Presenter Dustin Smith, MD, SFHM, associate professor of medicine in the department of medicine at Emory University, Atlanta, and section chief for education in medical specialty at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center, will discuss recent trends, diagnostics, therapeutics, and prognostics for heart failure. He’ll also provide a summary of recent changes to clinical practice guidelines.

“The significance of staying knowledgeable and updated regarding this common admission diagnosis cannot be overstated,” Dr. Smith said. Attendees of this clinical update should learn important practices from new evidence in literature, including an unearthed risk grade predictor of acute heart failure mortality, a diagnostic tool for HFpEF in euvolemic patients with unexplained dyspnea, an examination of the potassium “repletion reflex” in patients hospitalized with heart failure, dietary patterns associated with incident heart failure, and therapies efficacious for HFrEF and/or HFpEF.

“The goal of this session is for attendees to incorporate this new information into their clinical practice so they can optimally manage patients with heart failure,” Dr. Smith said.

The session is specifically curated to impact the clinical practice of hospitalists who provide care for patients with heart failure in the acute care setting and beyond. Key impact areas of clinical practice that will be tackled include:

  • Augmenting one’s clinical acumen to diagnose HFpEF.
  • Calculating mortality risk for patients with acute heart failure.
  • Recognizing other predictors of risk for patients hospitalized with heart failure.
  • Recommending dietary, medication, and interventional therapies to prevent future heart failure morbidity and mortality.

Dr. Smith will conclude each literature review with a summary of take-home learning points carefully selected to either change, modify, or confirm the current practice and teaching for providers who care for heart failure patients.

Although Dr. Smith has presented the “Updates in Heart Failure” session in various educational arenas in the past, this is a new update. He has gained vast experience and expertise in this area from conducting extensive and in-depth literature reviews on managing heart failure while preparing for presentations on this topic.

In addition, Dr. Smith has contributed to original research manuscripts, book chapters, and board review–style exam questions in cardiology – including heart failure – and evidence-based medicine topics as an author and editor. He has also sought out additional training and completed faculty development programs targeted at improving his knowledge and skill set to teach evidence-based clinical practice.

Dr. Smith had no relevant financial conflicts to disclose.

Updates in Heart Failure

Live Q&A – Tuesday, Aug. 25 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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