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Collaboration Prevents Identification Band Errors


Clinical question: Can a quality-improvement (QI) collaborative decrease patient identification (ID) band errors?

Background: ID band errors often result in medication errors and unsafe care. Consequently, correct patient identification, through the use of at least two identifiers, has been an ongoing Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal. Although individual sites have demonstrated improvement in accuracy of patient identification, there have not been reports of dissemination of successful practices.

Study design: Collaborative quality-improvement initiative.

Setting: Six hospitals.

Synopsis: ID band audits in 11,377 patients were performed in the learning collaborative’s six participating hospitals.

The audits were organized primarily around monthly conference calls. The hospital settings were diverse: community hospitals, hospitals within an academic medical center, and freestanding children’s hospitals. The aim of the collaborative was to reduce ID band errors by 50% within a one-year time frame across the collective sites.

Key interventions included transparent data collection and reporting; engagement of staff, families and leadership; voluntary event reporting; and auditing of failures. The mean combined ID band failure rate decreased to 4% from 22% within 13 months, representing a 77% relative reduction (P<0.001).

QI collaboratives are not designed to specifically result in generalizable knowledge, yet they might produce widespread improvement, as this effort demonstrates. The careful documentation of iterative factors implemented across sites in this initiative provides a blueprint for hospitals looking to replicate this success. Additionally, the interventions represent feasible and logical concepts within the basic constructs of improvement science methodology.

Bottom line: A QI collaborative might result in rapid and significant reductions in ID band errors.

Citation: Phillips SC, Saysana M, Worley S, Hain PD. Reduction in pediatric identification band errors: a quality collaborative. Pediatrics. 2012;129(6):e1587-e1593.

Reviewed by Pediatric Editor Mark Shen, MD, SFHM, medical director of hospital medicine at Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, Texas.

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