Startup Pharmacy Takes Mail-Order to Next Level, Could Solve Medication Management Issue for Millions


It only takes one idea to help change the face of medicine and, recently, Forbes posted an article outlining a small startup pharmacy that could change the way we get our medication. Manchester, N.H.-based Pill Pack takes the whole mail-order pharmacy to a new level.

Medication management can be a major issue for seniors and their caregivers. Seniors are at risk for such problems as overmedication and drug interactions, if medications are not properly managed.

An UpToDate article says that a survey for adults aged 57-85 shows:

  • At least one prescription medication was used by 81%;
  • Five or more prescription medications were used by 29% of the overall survey population and by 36% of people aged 75 to 85 years; and
  • 46% of prescription users also took at least one over-the-counter medication.

Hospitalists see it every day; the readmit because prescribed medication isn’t taken correctly. Possibly, Pill Pack might be one step in the right direction. TH

Lisa Courtney is director of operations at Baptist Health Systems in Birmingham, Ala., and a member of Team Hospitalist.

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