1. Richard Rohr

    This is a significant turn in the evolution of SHM. I would note that documentation will be more important in this effort, as value cannot be assessed without accurate and precise diagnoses and clear treatment plans. HCAHPS is admittedly poor, but needs to be improved in order to fulfill the Triple Aim. Lastly, we need to develop methods for virtual teamwork (i.e. not everyone in the same room) that allow hospitalists to collaborate throughout the day with the treatment team and bring the PCP into the team.

  2. Vivek Sri Ramanathan

    Thank you Dr. Rohr. It is certainly hard to get away from ‘documentation’, even within the VBC we rely on capturing HCCs to effect RAF – So your comments ring true. Please join the conversation within the VBH SIG.

  3. Edmund G Lewis

    Interesting article and I would say what we need to look at are:
    1. Is what we do patient centered or is it attuned to the needs of the provider or the hospital?
    2. Documentation. In a value based world documentation is the driver to quality and patient outcomes. HCC coding is how providers bring in the revenue to provide quality care. If you deliver great care to the patient, you should obtain the revenue needed to provide that care!
    3. HCAPS. The government is driving the change and entities are being compensated by star ratings which are now increasingly being weighted by patient satisfaction. We can fight this or embrace it like we embraced EMRs and use our talent to make our patients feel like we listened to them and treat them as humans!
    Health care is changing and choice is the American way and over time value based organizations will grow as the care model provides exceptional results. Hospitalists can certainly grow and be change agents in this future!


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