1. O’Neil J. Pyke, MD, MBA, SFHM

    Well stated Jerome. You always had a creative way of framing the challenging situations and instigating usable solutions; one of the hallmarks of great leadership.
    Admittedly, I too shed lots of tears over the past 2-years; I suspect more than I did in the preceding 2 decades of being a hospitalist. Never before in 22 years as a hospitalist was I so overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy (until this COVID-19 Pandemic). In fact, being a hospitalist (in the critical care arena) simply proved to be too much for me; after 22 years as a practicing hospitalist, I recently lowered my stethoscope…partly in defeat.
    Now I serve as CMO in a large health system. Indeed, the stressors remain ever present and the challenges are great. But that is par for the course in healthcare. That is expected. We are making really tough decisions and guiding the care of some of the most acutely ill patients. Hospital Medicine during the pandemic, however, proved to be an entire next level of stress that I frankly did not anticipate. Doubt any of us did. It took me off guard.
    Fortunately, I finally started to to be reflective a few weeks ago. It has not been straightforward, but its been helpful and necessary.
    Jerome, this article is timely and even more, it is usable advice for our colleagues. Thanks.


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