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Hospital medicine update highlights research from ‘extended family’


For much of HM20 Virtual, hospitalists will gravitate toward individual sessions that reflect their unique interests. Plenary sessions are different, and as Kurt Pfeifer, MD, SFHM, likes to put it, they bring hospitalists together as “one big family.” The annual “Update in Hospital Medicine” session will go a step further by highlighting the work and insights of what Dr. Pfeifer affectionately calls the “extended family.”

Dr. Kurt Pfeifer

Scott Kaatz, DO, MSc, SFHM, a hospitalist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, explained that “the Update has a long-standing tradition at the national meeting as an overview of the most impactful or insightful publications relevant to clinicians working in the hospital, which includes internists, pediatricians, obstetricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other specialties.”

Why does the Update embrace such a wide focus? Because there’s a need for a broader perspective, according to Dr. Pfeifer, professor of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. “The Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference has many superb offerings with specific focuses that help attendees fill knowledge and practice gaps and network with individuals with similar interests,” he said. “All of those different offerings highlight something that is very cool about hospital medicine – its diversity. However, it’s also important for us to come together as one big family to support each other and advocate for the larger cause of hospital medicine. With the “Update in Hospital Medicine,” attendees can specifically hear about the clinical changes happening in their “extended family.”

Dr. Scott Kaatz

“We will be giving an overview of key new literature across the spectrum of hospital medicine in areas such as sepsis, inclusion/diversity, co-management, and hospital staffing models,” Dr. Kaatz said. “We will also highlight the various different focuses/practices within hospital medicine and the wonderful diversity within the Society of Hospital Medicine. We have coordinated our selection of topics with the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the Chapters to make sure we include the voices of our wider membership. This will also allow us to celebrate our diversity by giving shout outs to our SIGs and chapters and showcase the wonderful things going on in hospital medicine, including advances being made by our very own members.”

Dr. Kaatz added that he and Dr. Pfeifer are grateful to the organizers for allowing them to try something new. “Presented papers will reflect the interests of SHM members via a ‘learner needs assessment’ survey,” he said. “Several of the special interest groups and local chapters surveyed their membership and voted on the most impactful papers in the past year. It has been very gratifying to see the level of engagement in our society and to be able to share this important research with a large audience.”

Dr. Pfeifer has no relevant disclosures. Dr. Kaatz discloses research funding to institution (BMS) and consultant/advisory board relationships (BMS, Pfizer and Janssen).

“Update in Hospital Medicine”

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