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SHM responds to racism in the United States

The Society of Hospital Medicine deplores the negative impact of racism in our nation and will always strive to remedy racial inequities in our health care system. Racism in our society cannot be ignored. Nor will SHM ignore racism’s impact on public health. SHM enthusiastically supports its members working to promote equity and reduce the adverse impact of racism. We are committed to using our platform to improve the health of patients everywhere.

SHM would like to reaffirm its long-valued dedication to diversity and inclusion. We remain committed to promoting healthy discussions and action throughout our publications, resources and member communities, as outlined by our diversity and inclusion statement.

SHM Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Hospitalists are charged with treating individuals at their most vulnerable moments, when being respected as a whole person is crucial to advance patients’ healing and wellness. Within our workforce, diversity is a strength in all its forms, which helps us learn about the human experience, grow as leaders, and ultimately create a respectful environment for all regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, appearance, or ability.

To this end, the Society of Hospital Medicine will work to eliminate health disparities for our patients and foster inclusive and equitable cultures across our care teams and institutions with the goal of moving medicine and humanity forward.

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