1. Elizabeth Smith

    I just had to room sit for a COVID positive patient for 8 hours yesterday. They didn’t tell me the patient had COVID and pulled me off another floor, where I was working as a tech. All they said was that I could prob get off early and that it was not a dangerous patient. I got to the floor and it was a COVID room. I’m new so I didn’t speak up. Then- they left me for 8 hours. I did get a couple of breaks one 15 minutes one 1/2 an hour. At the end of 8 hours I asked to be traded out and the charge nurse threw a fit- she said that nobody else had ever been asked to be traded out of a COVID room and made a huge deal about it. I was shocked it was horrible. Def writing a letter to HR. that wasn’t right. I won’t give any details about the patient but the person did have an occasional persistent cough and didn’t have a mask on.

  2. Teresa Taylor

    I am a high risk sitter. I refused to sit in Covid 19 positive rooms because by CDC guidelines I am hgh risk. My employer doesn’t agree with my decision. What can I do to protect my own health and keep my job.


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