HM19: Practice management tips for pediatric HMGs



H. Barrett Fromme, MD, MHPE, FAAP

Session title

Sustainability Isn’t Just For The Forests: Practice management tips for long-term success in your Pediatric Hospital Medicine Group

Session summary

Dr. H. Barrett Fromme of the University of Chicago presented and facilitated a dialogue of sustainability. The audience was guided through a discussion of how efficiency and resources, workload and job demands, work-life integration and social support, and community at work can either lead to burnout or engagement within a Pediatric Hospital Medicine Group.

For each of the four topics, Dr. Fromme presented how individuals and leaders can leverage these areas to counteract burnout and promote engagement, ultimately leading to vitality within the practice group.

She closed her discussion stating that sustainability is a “process that maintains change in a balanced environment of resources, technology, and institutional change [that] are in harmony, and enhances current and future potential to meet human aspirations and needs.”

Key takeaways for HM

  • Leaders can advocate with hospital leadership to optimize individual workload and job demands.
  • Individuals and leaders can improve care process and clinical work flow to optimize efficiency and resources.
  • Individuals and leaders can build high-functioning teams and cultivate communities of practice.
  • Individuals and leaders can work together to develop goals to optimize work-life integration.
  • Leaders can support values, autonomy, and growth to create an environment where individuals actively value and support their colleagues.

Dr. Kumar is a pediatric hospitalist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s and clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. She serves as the cochair of Pediatric Grand Rounds and is the research director for the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

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