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Announcing the 2019 chapter awards and grant recipients

Resident Travel Grant recipients

We would like to congratulate the latest winners of SHM’s Resident Travel Grant. To qualify for this award, residents submitted an abstract for consideration in the RIV session at HM19 as first authors. Each of them produced outstanding work worthy of recognition:

Daniel Choi, MD – New York Presbyterian Hospital–Weill Cornell
Poster 277 – Improving rates of appropriate ICD deactivation discussions in admitted patients made DNR and/or comfort care

Armond Esmaili, MD – University of California, San Francisco, and the San Francisco VA Medical Center
Poster 649 – Early isolated hypotension, a sepsis “Canary in the Coal Mine”: Timing of antibiotics according to hypotension identifies different sepsis subtypes at differing risks of treatment delay
Poster 8 – Who’s waiting? Predictors of antibiotic delays in hypotensive patients with sepsis

Geoffroy Fauchet, MD – University of Colorado at Denver, Aurora – Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center
Poster 288 – Tackling opioid prescriptions through resident engagement

Nick Zessis, MD – Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Poster 101 – Smartphone-based teaching app increases frequency of residents teaching medical students

David Sterken, MD – University of California, San Francisco
Poster 230 – Safety of antimotility agent use during treatment for Clostridioides difficile infection in malignant hepatology patients

James Anstey, MD – University of California, San Francisco
Poster 57 – The POCUS supervision safety gap: Attending physician knowledge in point-of-care ultrasound lags behind that of internal medicine residents
Poster 147 – Association of post paracentesis albumin dosage and acute kidney injury in hospitalized patients

Nicholas Iverson, MD – University of California, San Francisco
Poster 408 – Implications of using an alternative measure to assess opiate days supplied at discharge

Marwah Shahid, MD – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Poster 22 – Topic modeling to evaluate hospital Google reviews

Abhishek Chaturvedi, MD – Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh
Poster 152 – Association of socioeconomic and racial disparities with health care utilization and outcomes in opioid overdose–related hospitalizations in the United States: Insights from National Inpatient Sample from 2012 through 2014

Pratyusha Tirumanisetty, MD – Unity Hospital, Rochester (N.Y.) Regional Health
Poster 9 – Does hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infection increase the risk of hospital discharge to skilled nursing facilities? A retrospective case-control study from a community hospital.

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