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Journal of Hospital Medicine launches new clinical guidelines series

The Journal of Hospital Medicine, the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society of Hospital Medicine, has launched its second new series this year, entitled Clinical Guideline Highlights for the Hospitalist. Alongside the new Leadership and Professional Development series, this addition plays a large role in the vision for the future of the journal, spearheaded by new editor in chief, Samir Shah, MD, MSCE, MHM.

“As a new deputy editor for reviews and perspectives, I’m thrilled to help execute Dr. Shah’s vision for a series of articles that aims to facilitate the rapid translation of the latest evidence-based guidelines into hospitalist practice,” said Erin Shaughnessy, MD. “My coeditor, Dr. Read Pierce, and I envision these reviews as tools to enable busy clinicians to quickly understand the latest research and apply it to practice.”

The March issue of JHM features an introduction to the series as well as the first two articles, “The Use of Intravenous Fluids in the Hospitalized Adult” and “Maintenance Intravenous Fluids in Infants and Children.” The introduction provides details on the formatting of the series and discusses a second format that will be introduced in 2019 called Progress Notes, which will be shorter than JHM’s traditional review format. Progress Notes will accept two types or articles, clinical and methodological, and will focus on diagnostics, therapeutics, or risk assessment and prevention of a clinical problem relevant to hospitalists.

“National guidelines and society position statements are important in informing care standards but can be time consuming to read, and only a small portion may be pertinent to the practice of hospital medicine,” Dr. Shah said. “Our Clinical Guideline Highlights for the Hospitalist series, under the leadership of Dr. Shaughnessy and Dr. Pierce, will distill the key elements of national guidelines with a focus on recommendations that are most relevant to the practicing hospitalist. Authors include a brief critique to ensure hospitalists understand the strength of evidence behind the guideline when making decisions.”

Along with this series comes another new feature for the journal, Hospital Medicine: The Year in Review. This annual feature “concisely compiles and critiques the top articles in both adult and pediatric hospital medicine in the past year” and “will serve as a written corollary to the popular ‘Updates in Hospital Medicine’ presentation at the SHM Annual Conference.”

With so many updates, “JHM’s overarching commitment remains unchanged: support clinicians, leaders, and scholars in our field in their pursuit of delivering evidence-based, high-value clinical care.” The journal will continue to accept traditional, long-form review on topics relevant to hospitalists.

Visit for the Clinical Guideline Highlights for the Hospitalist series and additional research.

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