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SHM’s first institutional partner: Adfinitas Health

What does it mean to your organization to be the first partner in this program?

Adfinitas cofounders Doug Mitchell, MD, and Hung Davis, MD, have been committed to advancing the field of hospital medicine for nearly 2 decades. They were early members of SHM, along with our other company partners and many of our providers. So, it is an honor to be the first institutional partner – certainly an important milestone in our corporate history. The company has grown from 1 hospital in 2007 to more than 50 hospital and post-acute partners across four states over the past 11 years.

What long-term benefits do you see this partnership offering to your hospitalists?

At our size and scale, the need for a more formal institutional partnership with SHM made perfect sense. We strive to be an employer of choice for hospitalists, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Our focus on core values builds a culture of engaged, talented employees who feel supported as they progress in their careers. We strive to do all we can to support that growth, and this partnership will help us meet and exceed that goal.

What message are you sending Adfinitas Health hospitalists by partnering with SHM?

We are encouraging our hospitalists to take full advantage of the many learning opportunities and resources that this partnership will bring to bear. We will be actively promoting the customized training that we’ll be offering, as well as the ease of accessing content through the online SHM Learning Portal.

In addition, we want our hospitalists to be connected to the field and remain on the cutting edge of what is important and how best to care for patients. We’ll be encouraging them to be active and involved members at the state and national levels and leverage SHM to grow their professional network.

For more information on SHM’s institutional partnerships, please contact Debra Beach, SHM customer experience manager, at 267-702-2644 or [email protected].

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