Video: SHM provides resources and community for practice administrators



ORLANDO – In a video interview, Ms. Tiffani Panek, SFHM, CLHM, who is the division manager of administration at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, discussed the scope of SHM resources available for practice administrators.

She details how there are “an incredible number of resources for practice administrators that are available from SHM,” and she recommends the SHM website’s practice administrator’s page, with helpful links, including to their mentorship program. She describes how, just this year, “we are launching a podcast series called ‘The Leadership Launchpad Essentials.’ ”

In addition: “We [also] have our own HMX [Hospital Medicine Exchange] community, and I would say of any resource the practice administrator should access on a regular basis, that would be the one.” That’s the place that practice managers can go to network with their community, according to Ms. Panek.

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