Video : The SHM Research Committee: Expanding the role and footprint of research in hospital medicine



ORLANDO – In a video interview, Stephanie Mueller, MD, SFHM, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, discusses the scope and importance of the SHM Research Committee.

One of its most important roles is overseeing the yearly Scientific Abstract and Poster Competition, known as the Research, Innovations and Clinical Vignettes (RIV) portion of the annual conference, which brings the best of current research in hospital medicine, especially in the increasingly important area of value in patient care, to the members.

In discussing the work of the committee, Dr. Mueller – who is in her third year as a member – adds that they “are working to expand the research footprint within the Society of Hospital Medicine,” including implementing initiatives such as the VIP program, which is a visiting professorship in which junior and mid-level faculty can do an exchange program between institutions.

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