Culture change can improve NP, PA practice


Creating an atmosphere conducive to productive teamwork can help maximize nurse practitioners’ and physician assistants’ potential, say experts presenting at the Tuesday session “How Best NP/PA and MD Hospitalists Can Work Together.”

Session leaders Brian Wolfe, MD, FHM, a general internist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Tracy Cardin, ACNP-BC,SFHM, the associate director of clinical integration at Adfinitas Health, Hanover, Md., will break down strategies to help incorporate different perspectives into your practice to improve its culture.

“I think culture beats strategy any day of the week, and the cultural threads we can draw from our different experiences are a lot more powerful, and a lot more translatable, across different institutions,” Dr. Wolfe said in an interview. “The purpose of this session is to get away from saying ‘Well, this is the way we do it,’ and instead say, ‘This is what kind of cultural vision we have for our NPs and PAs, and this is where we succeed, and these are the ways we fail.’ ”

Attendees will learn about what PAs and NPs are looking for in their work, what some providers are doing to change their hospital culture, and the business data behind those decisions.

“NPs and PAs are looking for autonomy, mastery, and purpose,” said Dr. Wolfe. “While some of that comes from where you work and how long your hours are, a lot of it has to do with how the culture treats you as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and where your place is.”

Following Dr. Wolfe’s initial presentation, the facilitators will analyze cases with evident structural problems in order to uncover the underlying cultural issues.

By hearing about concrete, everyday examples, attendees will be able to recognize some of the problems within their own networks that they might deal with on a regular basis and come away with long-term solutions.


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