HM18 Special Interest Forums

Multi-Site HMG Leaders

Leslie Flores, MHA, SFHM; Ryan Brown, MD, FHM
Grand Ballroom 1-3
This forum is for physician and administrative leaders who are responsible for managing multiple hospitalist practice sites within the same health system. The number of people with this role has increased significantly in the last few years and comes with challenges that are different from those faced by the lead hospitalist at a single-practice site.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Emilie Davis, PA-C, FHM; Noam Shabani, MS, PA-C
Vinoy Room
Share best practices and challenges. Learn about SHM resources for NPs and PAs in practice, as well as onboarding and recruitment resources. Network with peers and help build membership engagement.

Oncology Hospitalists

Maria Campagna, MD, FHM; Barbara Egan, MD, SFHM; Kerry Reynolds, MD
Aruba Room
This special interest forum will explore the role of hospitalists in oncology services. Discussion items may include personal experiences and how to succeed as an oncology hospitalist.

Palliative Care

Rab Razzak, MBBS, MD; Jeffrey Frank, MD, MBA
Bahamas Room
This special interest forum seeks to convene hospitalists charged with providing some level of palliative care at their institution. Participants should come prepared to discuss and share their own experiences, including their current role in providing palliative care, facing institutional barriers, and dealing with gaps in training.

Patient Experience

Mark Rudolph, MD, SFHM; Patrick Kneeland, MD
Grand Ballroom 7B
Join the Patient Experience Forum to exchange ideas about how hospitalists can enhance patients’ care experiences while also improving professional satisfaction. Learn about the work of SHM’s Patient Experience Committee and opportunities for getting involved in SHM’s patient experience initiatives.

Pediatric Hospitalists

Sandy Gage, MD, SFHM
Grand Ballroom 9-11
This special interest forum will provide an opportunity for pediatric hospitalists to network, share, and discuss topics and issues of particular interest to them. Topics will include an updates on SHM’s pediatric activities, on potential paths to specialty certification, and about the relationships between SHM, AAP, APA, PRIS, and the Joint Council on Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

NEW: Perioperative Care

Steven Cohn, MD, SFHM; Kurt Pfeifer, MD
San Francisco Room
In this special interest forum, learn about guideline updates and recent literature while communicating controversial or difficult patient management issues around perioperative medicine.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Benji Mathews, MD, CLHM, SFHM; Gordon Johnson, MD, FHM
Atlanta Room
This special interest forum will discuss opportunities to collaborate and standardize processes for POCUS certification, including what resources already exist. In addition, discussion will revolve around privileging at your own institution, gaining skills, and the challenges and successes of procedural teams in the hospital.

Post-Acute Care Providers

Robert Reynolds, MD
Puerto Rico Room
This forum provides opportunities for hospitalists who practice in or are interested in learning more about working in or becoming more involved in the post-acute care arena, such as SNFs, LTACs, and rehab facilities.

Practice Administrators

Tiffani Panek, CLHM; Roberta Himebaugh, MBA, SFHM
Boston Room
Practice administrators are important members of the hospitalist team, providing key management and organizational skills. In this forum, administrators can voice their unique perspectives and hear from their peers.

Quality Improvement

Mangla Gulati, MD, MBBS, CPPS, SFHM; Jenna Goldstein
Grand Cayman Room
Hospitalists are at the center of the national quality and patient safety movement and are increasingly responsible for performance at their institutions. This forum provides a venue for connecting with SHM’s QI and patient safety community and for engaging with leaders, peers, and collaborators to share ideas and inform SHM’s QI efforts. Discussion during the forum will focus on what hospitalists need to know to become involved with QI at SHM or locally. Hear about SHM’s plans for future QI initiatives, and share your own ideas.

NEW: Residents & Medical Students

Aram Namavar, MS; Chris Bartlett, MD, MPH
New Orleans Room
This forum provides opportunities in networking and discussion for physicians in training who are contemplating a career in hospital medicine.

Rural Hospitalists

Ken Simone, DO, SFHM; Michael Sullivan, MD
Los Angeles Room
Hospital medicine groups in rural areas face some unique problems, from recruitment, night call, and staffing to communicating with geographically dispersed primary care physicians. Rural hospitalists may also face clinical challenges because of limited technological resources and/or limited access to specialists. This forum provides an opportunity for hospitalists in rural areas to share their issues and concerns and to see how others have solved similar problems.

Veterans Affairs Hospitalists

Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, FHM; Peter Kaboli, MD, FHM
Miami Room
This forum provides opportunities in networking and discussion for hospitalists who work at the VA. Issues unique to VA hospitalists will be discussed.

Women in Hospital Medicine

Melissa Mattison, MD, SFHM; Cory Ritter, MD, FHM
New York Room
This forum provides an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to women in hospital medicine and strategies for success/coping. Topics may include career satisfaction, occupational stresses, opportunities for change, promotion of leadership, and identification of resources.

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