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The fluid, evolving nature of perioperative medicine lends itself to a lively literature review and research update, according to Steven L. Cohn, MD, SFHM, a presenter of “ ‘A Whole New World’ of Perioperative Medicine: The 2018 Update” on Monday, April 9, at HM18.

Dr. Steven L. Cohn

The perioperative medicine update has been a fixture at the SHM annual conference for several years and provides an opportunity to highlight articles that may affect practice, said Dr. Cohn of the University of Miami in an interview. “Our goals are to familiarize the attendees with this new data so they are aware, so they can review the key articles in detail on their own, and so they can then apply the new information in their clinical practices,” he said.

Dr. Paul Grant, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Dr. Paul J. Grant

The agenda for the session involves a presentation of 10-15 articles published since HM17. Dr. Cohn and presenter Paul J. Grant, MD, SFHM, the director of the consultative and perioperative medicine program and an associate chief medical information officer at Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, will briefly review the objectives and methods of each study before moving on to focus primarily on the result and conclusions.

“The top take-home message is to try to keep up with the perioperative literature, particularly in cardiology, because the evidence base keeps expanding and changing,” said Dr. Cohn. “This session is designed to deliver new information and also to stimulate the attendees to periodically review the literature on their own during the year,” he said.

This year’s collection of articles will address a range of topics, Dr. Cohn said, but he highlighted several articles “that will be thought provoking and potentially impact clinical practice regarding perioperative surveillance with the new fifth generation high sensitivity troponin assay and management of myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery. In particular, results from the MANAGE trial that was presented as a late-breaking trial at the American College of Cardiology meeting in March will be of interest to anyone involved in perioperative medicine,” he noted.

Dr. Cohn and Dr. Grant had no relevant financial conflicts to disclose.

“A Whole New World” of Perioperative Medicine: The 2018 Update
Monday, April 9, 2:00-2:40 p.m.

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