The Resident and Student Luncheon exposes future hospitalists to professional possibilities


The Resident and Student Luncheon provides future hospitalists the opportunity to meet current hospitalists and learn about various fields within hospital medicine.

“Trainees can ask hospitalists who are administrative leaders, QI gurus, medical educators, global health hospitalists, pediatricians, and researchers about their day-to-day life and what they love about their careers,” stated Darlene B. Tad-y, MD, SFHM, who is an associate professor and hospitalist at the University of Colorado Hospital, Denver. “It’s a great way for trainees to build their network in hospital medicine in addition to learning about the diverse careers available in our field.”

Dr. Darlene Tad-y, associate professor and hospitalist at the University of Colorado Hospital, Denver

Dr. Darlene Tad-y

The luncheon is structured in such a way to maximizes attendees’ exposure and interaction with experienced hospitalists. Brian Kwan, MD, FHM, an associate professor of health science at the University of California, San Diego, and a hospitalist, elaborated on the sessions design.

“Each round table features a speaker that will highlight a different topic, including but not limited to medical education, executive leadership, global and rural health, quality improvement, advocacy, and informatics,” said Dr. Kwan.

But the session is not limited to a one-way presentation. “Conversations are facilitated by members of the SHM Physicians in Training (PIT) Committee,” he said. To maximize their exposure, “attendees will have an opportunity to select one table for the main meal and a different one for dessert, so that they have the opportunity to hear from more than one speaker.”

Dr. Brian Kwan, associate professor of health science at University of California San Diego, and a hospitalist.

Dr. Brian Kwan

Dr. Kwan and Dr. Tad-y said they believe that this type of exposure is important in the professional development of medical students and residents.

“We believe it is critical for students and residents to be exposed to hospitalists working at the forefront of our field who inspire and can provide a glimpse at different HM career paths and practices. Invited speakers are selected by the PIT Committee, and the luncheon serves as a launching point for networking and potential mentorship. Engaging residents and students is critical to sustaining our pipeline for future hospitalist leaders,” Dr. Kwan said.

Dr. Tad-y stated that this could be a defining professional moment for many of the attendees. “The resident or student may even meet their next project or career mentor, as well as potential peers or project partners.”

Resident and Student Luncheon
April 9, Monday, 12-1 p.m.

New York/New Orleans Room

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