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HM17 special interest forums

The Society of Hospital Medicine presents a variety of special interest forums during its annual meeting. The small-group sessions take place Tuesday, May 2, 4:30–5:25 p.m. in designated meeting rooms (as of April 12, 2017).

Academic and Research – Palm B
Joanna Bonsall, Vineet Chopra

The Academic and Research forum brings together faculty and researchers to discuss topics of interest to the academic hospital medicine community, such as mentorship, research support, and professional development. Join this collaborative offering of the academic and research committees.

Advocacy & Public Policy – Surf D
Joshua Lenchus, Ron Greeno

During this forum with SHM’s Advocacy leaders and staff, you will learn about the direction of SHM’s Advocacy & Public Policy work and how you can help. Discussion will focus on SHM’s new Advocacy & Public Policy Section, its role, and how you can participate and share your own ideas.

Canadian Hospitalists – Reef A
Serge Soolsma

This forum provides a unique setting for Canadian-based hospitalists to gather as an organized group, network, and discuss the issues with which they are faced.

Care of Vulnerable Populations – Oceanside E
Jack Chase, Gabriel Ortiz

SHM’s Caring for Vulnerable Populations Section aims to increase awareness and improve quality of care for vulnerable and underserved patient populations in the hospital setting. The principles and skills needed to care effectively for vulnerable patients span practitioners across all health systems, though they particularly apply to hospitalists practicing in safety-net and resource-limited settings.

Community-Based Hospitalists – Mandalay Bay I
Steve Behnke, Jason Robertson

Join us and share successful clinical practices, quality care, professional sustainability, and other “hot” topics of interest to the community-based hospitalist.

Global Health and Human Rights Section – Oceanside F
Phuoc Le

SHM’s Global Health and Human Rights Section has been established to build interest and engagement in global health and human rights work among hospitalists in order to share expertise. In this section, we also plan to build long-term collaborations in the U.S. and abroad.

Hospitalists Trained in Family Medicine – Breakers D
David Goldstein

Participants will network and discuss training, achievement of recognition, access in the job market, and national trends related to hospitalists trained in family medicine.

Information Technology – Palm F
Rupesh Prasad

This forum is an opportunity for attendees to provide SHM and the SHM IT Committee with input on what would be most beneficial to them regarding implementing, managing, and participating in health/hospital IT initiatives.

International Hospital Medicine – Palm H
Efren Manjarrez, Felipe Lucena

Do you practice hospital medicine outside of North America? Join us to share issues and ideas.

Leadership in Hospital Medicine – Mandalay Bay J
Eric Howell, Rob Zipper

Want to be a better leader? A better coach and mentor? Do you want to drive quality improvement at your hospital? Investing in the development of ourselves and our teams is what we are all here to do. This forum will review, discuss, and shape the resources and programmatic offerings that are needed to promote leadership skill development at all levels. We will also review SHMs existing programs, including Leadership Academies, the Leadership Certificate Program, e-Learning, and HMX: Leadership Alumni Forum.

Med-Peds Hospitalists – Breakers I
Leonard Feldman, Heather Toth, Carrie Herzke

Explore the role of Med-Peds physicians in hospitalist medicine. Discussion items may include personal experiences, how to create more Med-Peds jobs, and how to succeed as a Med-Peds hospitalist.

Multi-Site HMG Leaders – Palm C
Tom Frederickson, Leslie Flores

This forum is for physician and administrative leaders who are responsible for managing multiple hospitalist practice sites within the same health system. The number of people with this role has increased significantly in the last few years and comes with challenges that are different from those faced by the lead hospitalist at a single site.

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant – Palm D
Tracy Cardin, Emilie Thornhill

Share your opinions and concerns. Network with your peers and learn about the work of the SHM Committee on Hospitalist Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants.

Oncology Hospitalists – Reef D
Maria Campagna, Barbara Egan, Charlotta Weaver

Explore the role of hospitalists on oncology services. Discussion items may include personal experiences and how to succeed as an oncology hospitalist.

Palliative Care – Breakers J
Rab Razzak, Jeff Greenwald, Wendy Anderson

Convene with other hospitalists charged with providing some level of palliative care at their institutions. Participants should come prepared to discuss and share their own experiences, including their current role in providing palliative care, institutional barriers, and gaps in training.

Patient Experience – Lagoon K
Mark Rudolph

Join the PX forum to exchange ideas about the how hospitalists can enhance patients’ care experiences while also improving professional satisfaction. Learn about the work of SHM’s Patient Experience committee and opportunities for getting involved in SHM’s patient experience initiatives.

Pediatric Hospitalists – Lagoon J
Kris Rehm, Sandy Gage

Network, share, and discuss topics and issues of particular interest to pediatric hospitalists. Topics will include an update on SHM’s pediatric activities, updates on potential paths to specialty certification, and relationships between SHM, AAP, APA, PRIS, and the Joint Council on Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) – Palm A
Benji Mathews, Gordon Johnson

This forum will discuss opportunities to collaborate and standardize processes for POCUS certification, including what resources already exist. In addition, discussion will revolve around privileging at your own institution, gaining skills, and the challenges and successes of procedural teams in the hospital.

Post-Acute Care Providers – Lagoon D
Speaker, TBA

Join other hospitalists who practice in or are interested in learning more about working in or becoming more involved in the post-acute care arena, including SNFs, LTACs, and rehab facilities.

Practice Administrators – Surf AB
Heather Fordyce

Practice administrators are important members of the hospitalist team, providing key management and organizational skills. Voice your unique perspectives and hear from your peers.

Quality Improvement – Breakers C
Mangla Gulati

Hospitalists are at the center of the national quality and patient safety movement and are increasingly responsible for performance at their institutions. Connect with SHM’s QI and patient safety community and engage with leaders, peers, and collaborators to share ideas and inform SHM’s QI efforts. Discussion during the forum will focus on what hospitalists need to know to become involved with QI at SHM or locally. Hear about SHM’s plans for future QI initiatives, and share your own ideas.

Rural Hospitalists – Lagoon E
Brad Eshbaugh, Ken Simone

HM groups in rural areas face some unique problems, from recruitment, night call, and staffing to communicating with geographically dispersed primary care physicians. Rural hospitalists may also face clinical challenges because of limited technological resources and/or limited access to specialists. Share your issues and concerns and see how others have solved similar problems.

Veterans Affairs Hospitalists – Palm E
Kathlyn Fletcher, Peter Kaboli

Network and discuss issues unique to VA hospitalists.

Women in Hospital Medicine – Lagoon L
Melissa Mattison

Discuss issues relevant to women in hospital medicine and strategies for success/coping. Discussion items may include career satisfaction, occupational stresses, opportunities for change, promotion of leadership, and identification of resources

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