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New Feature Melds SHM’s Online Community with LinkedIn


A new feature installed on HMX, LinkedIn Connect, makes it easier for you to fill out your member profile by pulling pieces of your LinkedIn profile into HMX. How does it work exactly?

Login at and click “My Profile.” Midway down the page, you will see a section that reads, “Grab Profile Info from LinkedIn.” Click the link and follow the onscreen instructions. HMX will connect with your LinkedIn profile, pulling information like your photo, bio, education, and job history information.

It makes filling out your profile just a little bit easier.

HMX Highlights

Hospitalists everywhere have been sharing and asking questions through HMX. Here are some recent examples:

  • “Does anyone have any ideas on how to get residents involved in quality improvement?”
  • “We currently use nurse practitioners at night, but we always have a physician in-house with the NP. We see the NP as a great asset to our team, and this ole has positively impacted our physicians' level of satisfaction.”
  • “I've just posted several related files, including our IV insulin protocols … as well as some data and an article related to AutoCal, which is a computerized way to administer the protocol that also collects data.”

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