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HM14 At Hand Mobile App Enhanced Functionality Helps Hospitalists Plan For Annual Meeting


At the peak of SHM’s 2013 annual meeting in Washington, D.C., more than 3,000 people were using the HM13 at Hand app to plan their conference experience, download presentations, and interact with other attendees.

With its added functionality, the HM14 at Hand app is likely to be even more popular. This year, the HM14 at Hand includes:

  • Full program schedule, with the ability to schedule and set reminders for selected sessions;
  • Options for presenters and conference-goers to provide contact information to other attendees;
  • Presentation notes from speakers;
  • The “Scan-to-Win” game, with even more locations to scan in 2014;
  • Real-time program alerts for breaking news about the conference;
  • Links to other resources for hospitalists;
  • NEW: Integration with social media to help you connect with other conference bloggers, tweeters, and posters; and
  • NEW: A section for job seekers and career networkers to connect with recruiters.

But don’t wait until you get to the meeting to download the app. HM14 at Hand helps hospitalists plan for the meeting ahead of time by highlighting and saving sessions to attend, lists contact information for other attendees who’ve opted to network via the app, and provides conference updates before and during the meeting.

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