Bright Lights, Big City: Las Vegas Is More Than the Strip


LAS VEGAS – Now that you're here, focus on the valuable opportunities that HM14 offers. Well, until dusk. Then get out of the hotel and focus on the opportunities that are Las Vegas.

The fun isn't just the famed Strip, says Zubin Damania, MD, founder of Turntable Health in Las Vegas, who might be better known for his comedic alter ego, ZDoggMD. It's the lesser-known side of Las Vegas, known locally as "downtown."

"When I have friends in town, I tell them not to go to the Strip and to come hang out with me downtown or in the suburbs of Vegas—where the real fun is to be had," says Dr. Damania, even though he realizes he can't tell that to 3,000 "rabid hospitalists looking to relive 'The Hangover 3.'"

His recommendations include:

  • Chinatown. The district is along Spring Mountain Road, about four miles north of Mandalay Bay, and includes several enclosed shopping malls. Restaurants to try include Raku, which specializes in Japanese food, and Kabuto, which has "the best sushi" ZDoggMD's ever had.

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Breathtaking views and hiking opportunities abound in natural Nevada.

  • The Zappos factory. A tour of the firm’s downtown headquarters showcases the mindset of the millennial generation and potential lessons on workplace attitude that can be applied to HM.

  • Turntable Health. Dr. Damania’s clinic is open to any hospitalists curious to visit. If you want to set up a tour, or want more personalized advice on what to do while in town, e-mail him at

Visit our website for more of ZDoggMD's recommendations.

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