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Hospital Medicine Movement Grows in Scope, Impact


Hospital Medicine Movement Grows in Scope, Impact

SHM estimates that there are more than 44,000 hospitalists in 2014. Here are some other facts and figures about the specialty:

  • In 2014, it is estimated that hospitalists have a presence at 72% of U.S. hospitals, with an average group size of 12.3 physicians.
  • In the 10-year period between 2003 and 2012, the percentage of hospitals with hospitalists has more than doubled. The overall penetration of hospitals with HM groups grew from 29% to 66%.
  • In same 10-year period, the number of hospitalists grew from 11,159 to 38,114.
  • Since the development of SHM’s award-winning mentored implementation program, 423 hospitals nationwide have adopted the model to address some of the most pressing hospital-based healthcare issues, such as readmissions, VTE, and glycemic control. SHM’s implementation guides on these issues have been downloaded more than 9,500 times.
  • Research published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine in 2013 showed that SHM’s Project BOOST has helped reduce readmissions among hospitals collecting and reporting data.

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