New SHM Board Member Ron Greeno, MD, FCCP, MHM, Sets High Bar for Health System Improvements


Ron Greeno, MD, FCCP, MHM, says he plans to bring his passion for improving the U.S. healthcare system to his new role representing the interests of hospitalists as a member of the Society of Hospital Medicine's Board of Directors.

As a founding member of SHM, Dr. Greeno has played a major role in the society's advocacy efforts to Congress on issues of import to hospital medicine. "We’ve gone [to Capitol Hill] offering our expertise … trying to provide [lawmakers with] guidance in their endeavors to create the new healthcare system," Dr. Greeno says. In 2011, his work with the society was rewarded when he became one of a select few to receive SHM's Master of Hospital Medicine (MHM) recognition.

"SHM is a nontraditional professional society in that we do believe in advocacy for members, but we also believe we're advocating for patients and the integrity of the American healthcare system," he says.

On his to-do list as an SHM board member, Dr. Greeno plans to focus on overhauling the observation status admissions system, developing solutions to fix the flawed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula, and improving how the quality of patient care provided by hospitalists is measured.

As executive vice president for strategy and innovation at Brentwood, Tenn.–based Cogent Healthcare, Dr. Greeno says his enthusiasm for system improvement has only increased over the years. In his concurrent role as Chairman of SHM's Public Policy Committee, Dr. Greeno and committee members will continue to provide input on hospital management practices to such federal agencies as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and offer feedback on improving the Affordable Care Act.

SHM Board Member Brian Harte, MD, SFHM, who is treasurer of SHM's Public Policy Committee, says Dr. Greeno's passion for policy is infectious.

"Ron brings an enthusiasm to the issues that really energize the committee," Dr. Harte says. "He does a really good job facilitating an equitable discussion and reaching consensus on a position to recommend to the SHM board."

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