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The Hospital Leader Blog Showcases Latest Ideas, Fresh Perspectives from Hospitalists


SHM’s blog, “The Hospital Leader,” showcases some of the most cutting-edge ideas and fresh perspectives in the hospitalist movement. For all posts, visit Here’s a sampling of our most popular recent posts:

  • The Next Dose: Hospitalist Brett Hendel-Paterson juxtaposes his experience as a cancer patient with his experience as a caregiver, especially when it comes to prescribing treatments for his patients.
  • 15 Patients a Day: Starling Curve or Sweet Spot?: SHM President Burke Kealey asks whether a 15-patient census is really the most important factor in a hospitalist’s day.
  • Broken RAC System Continues to Hurt Patients, Providers: Hospitalist Bart Caponi dissects the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) system in a post that was featured on the Pharma & Healthcare section.

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