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Hospitalists Encouraged to Join the Future of Hospital Conversation


This month, hospitalists can play a role in crowdsourcing the future of the community hospital. And one hospitalist is helping to shape the game.

On Jan. 8, the Institute for the Future launched its Future of Hospital foresight game ( The game will tap the wisdom of healthcare experts, urban planners, technologists, sociologists, local community leaders, social entrepreneurs, and citizens interested in engaging in a thoughtful discussion about future possibilities for community hospitals.

Hospitalist Jason Stein, MD, SFHM, is working with the Institute for the Future to help judge the responses and participation in the online, crowd-sourced game. As an advisor to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Center, Dr. Stein is no stranger to new ideas for hospitals. He was one of the co-architects of SHM’s Implementation Guides, which create step-wise approaches for system-level change. He also has been recognized nationally for his work redesigning traditional medical wards into accountable-care units, each featuring unit-based physician teams that conduct structured interdisciplinary bedside rounds (SIBRs).

“This is an exciting way for hospitalists to join a dynamic conversation about how hospitals—and their staff—provide the best care possible to their patients in 21st-century, American healthcare,” Dr. Stein says.

The Future of the Hospital is a game that anyone can play; all that is required is ideas. If others build on those ideas, contributors win points and create award-winning chains of innovation, linking people and their ideas from all over the world.

“Hospitalists have been on the cutting edge of some of the best ideas in healthcare for the last two decades,” Dr. Stein says. “This is an exciting and innovative way for all of us to contribute ideas and leverage our collective experience for the good of our hospitals and patients.”

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