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HM13 Sessions, Speaker Information Available Through Online App


Look no further than SHM’s Web application for HM13 at

This year, SHM is introducing the HM13 at Hand app as the sole source for HM13 content, including session presentations and speaker information for all of the conference. In previous years, attendees have used the meeting’s “paperless site” as the online location for all of the meeting’s content.

At HM13, attendees can get all of the content seamlessly on their tablets or smartphones in real time through the HM13 At Hand app.

HM13 At Hand puts HM13 in your hands with meeting content and tools:

  • Presentations
  • Speaker information
  • HM13 schedule and planner
  • “Scan to Win” contest
  • Real-time alerts and updates
  • Links to other HM13 resources and social media

Check out our 6-minute feature video: "Five Reasons You Should Attend HM13"

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