Telehealth Technology Connects Specialists with First Responders in the Field



The VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System in Michigan is mobilizing telehealth technology for a disaster-relief initiative that aims to connect first responders in the field with medical specialists at the Ann Arbor Medical Center. As reported in Healthcare IT News, the Disaster Relief Telehealth System of Orion, Mich.-based JEMS Technology (www.jemstech.com) enables secure, live-streaming video to be sent to specialists, who can review the video and respond with medical advice.5

The Office of Emergency Management at the Ann Arbor VA supports emergency operations from four treatment sites serving 21 counties in Michigan and Ohio, as well as regional disaster preparedness.

In other technology news, the U.S. Army in March awarded a $2.5 million contract to brain-monitoring-device company NeuroWave Systems of Cleveland Heights, Ohio (www.neurowavesystems.com), to develop a wearable, miniaturized brain monitor to assess via electroencephalogram data for traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the field, directly at the point of suspected injury, such as on battlefronts. The device, called SeizTBI, is “small, lightweight, and designed for rapid deployment in austere environments,” explains NeuroWave principal investigator Stephan Bibian, MD. TBI accounted for 22% of U.S. troop casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, but fewer than half were identified in the field.


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