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SHM Microsites Help Focused-Practice Specialists Work Together


The hospitalist model of providing care in the hospital has spread beyond internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine. Specialists in a number of other fields have adopted HM principles and adapted them to such medical specialties as orthopedics, surgery, psychiatry, OBGYN, and neurology.

Leaders in those hospital-focused-practice specialties now can work together to share best practices and identify opportunities to improve hospital-based care delivery through SHM, which has dedicated a section of its website ( to providing hospital-focused-practice caregivers some of the first resources in the specialty.

“SHM has created these Web areas as a place to convene and develop these emerging specialties in hospital medicine,” SHM CEO Larry Wellikson, MD, SFHM, says in a video on the website. He says that the new Web areas give specialty hospitalists the chance to “put their practice on the map, begin to share data, post relevant articles, and use social networks to share ideas.”

The site highlights five emerging specialties:

  • Orthopedic HM;
  • Surgical/acute-care surgery;
  • Psychiatric HM;
  • OBGYN HM; and
  • Neurohospitalists.

Each of the listed specialties has its own section of the website that describes the practice, provides relevant articles, and lists events specific to the practice. Later, SHM expects to include access to a hospital-focused-practice community on its popular Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX) online collaboration site.

Specialty hospitalists can literally put their practice on the map by filling out a practice profile form, which then enters the practice information on a map for other specialty hospitalists to see.

High-level conversations among hospitalists and hospital executives about hospital-focused practice began to take shape at a 2011 conference hosted by SHM. In 2012, the American Hospital Association’s Physician Leadership Forum and SHM published the first report on the subject, “Creating the Hospital of the Future: The Implications for Hospital-Focused Physician Practice,” which was sponsored by Apogee Physicians, Delphi Healthcare Partners Inc., and Eagle Hospital Physicians.

Dr. Wellikson says now is the time for these pioneer hospitalists to come together.

“This is your opportunity to create your new specialty,” he says, “and SHM is happy to be a part of this.”

Brendon Shank is SHM’s associate vice president of communications.

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