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SHM Leadership Academy Prepares Hospitalists for the Business of Medicine


Tiered training prepares hospitalists for the business of medicine

Tiered training prepares hospitalists for the business of medicine

Hospitalists often leave residency feeling prepared for clinical work, but they quickly realize that the clinical side of hospitalist work is only one part of a larger spectrum of skill sets needed to succeed. Leading teams, addressing conflict, and understanding the financial implications of hospital care are important parts of life in hospital medicine, but rarely are they taught in academic life.

The demand for these skills help explain the popularity of SHM’s Leadership Academy, which has trained more than 1,000 hospitalists in financial storytelling, meta-leadership, and the mindset of a hospital CEO.

For the first time, in October, SHM will present all three levels of its leadership courses concurrently:

Foundations for Effective Leadership.

This four-day course serves as a prerequisite to all other academy courses. Attendees learn how to evaluate personal leadership strengths and weaknesses, create and execute a communication strategy for key team members, understand key hospital drivers, examine how hospital metrics are derived, and more.

Advanced Leadership: Strategies and Tools for Personal Leadership Excellence.

Through world-renowned faculty and applied exercises, this course builds skills around driving culture change through specific leadership behaviors and actions, financial storytelling, engaging in effective professional negotiation activities with proven techniques, and more.

Advanced Leadership: Developing a Winning Team and Strengthening Your Organization.

Developed in response to high demand from academy attendees, this course focuses on strengthening teams and institutions. Participants learn how to critically assess program growth opportunities and develop operational plans; lead, manage, and motivate teams in complex hospital environments; and effective communication strategies.

In addition to career-building skills, participants in each course will learn about SHM’s Certificate of Leadership in Hospital Medicine. Drs. Thomas McIlraith and Sameh Naseib received SHM’s inaugural Certificates of Leadership in Hospital Medicine on stage during the plenary session at HM13.

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