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Continuing Medical Education Made Easy


The new Learning Portal allows hospitalists to monitor state licensure requirements and track total CME required against the start and end dates of licensure.

SHM’s new Learning Portal ( enables hospitalists to earn online continuing-medical-education (CME) credits online from anywhere. And it lets hospitalists track CME—earned from SHM or any other organization—in one easy location.

Best of all: It’s free for SHM members.

Access to the Learning Portal is an SHM member benefit, and many of the online CME courses are free as well. Others are provided at a reduced price.

Upon logging in, hospitalists can take advantage of the easy-to-use website with the most recent courses, maintenance-of-certification (MOC) courses, and recent user activity in a familiar “dashboard” format. Users can also take courses at their own pace, pausing educational activities and picking them up later. The transcript function within the Learning Portal is a one-stop destination for tracking CME and coursework at any time.

The new Learning Portal also lets hospitalists monitor their individual state’s licensure requirements, tracking total CME required against the start and end dates of licensure.

In addition to being the new home for SHM’s online CME for hospitalists, it’s also the new home for SHM’s popular Hospital Quality & Patient Safety (HQPS) Online Academy. New users can access the materials through the Learning Portal, and current users still retain all their HQPS credit on the new platform.

Brendon Shank is SHM’s associate vice president of communications.

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