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CODE-H: Bringing Better Coding to Hospitalists

For some hospitalists, coding can be akin to what a humorist once said about the weather: Everyone grumbles about it, but no one ever does anything about it. But, like weather, good coding can have a profound effect on a hospitalist practice’s operations and revenues. Unlike the weather, hospitalists can now do something about it.

This month, SHM introduced CODE-H (Coding Optimally by Documenting Effectively for Hospitalists), a series of Web-based education sessions that will help hospitalists optimize their revenue streams through better coding. CODE-H will provide easy access to training and support on coding and documentation issues unique to hospitalists.

“Coding is an integral part of the day-to-day operations for hospitalists, but hospitalists rarely take the opportunity to improve their coding efforts,” says Barb Pierce, CCS-P, ACS-EM, who will be leading the first CODE-H session.

Pierce’s session will be presented live to subscribers on Feb. 1. It, along with all sessions, will be archived for on-demand use.

In addition to formal educational webinars, the series creates an opportunity for individuals with an interest in coding to interact with the webinar faculty and other hospitalists.

Subscribers are encouraged to share the wealth with others in their hospitalist practice. For the subscription price of $1,200, hospitalists get access to the full array of CODE-H resources and programs for up to 10 people in their practices. Additional participants from the same site can be added to the subscription for $50 each.

Hospitalists can register today at

CODE H: Topics and Schedule

Basics of E&M Coding for Hospitalists, Part 1

Date: Feb. 1

Session leader: Barb Pierce, CCS-P, ACS-EM, Barb Pierce Coding and Consulting Inc.

Basics of E&M Coding for Hospitalists, Part 2

Date: March 14

Session leader: Barb Pierce, CCS-P, ACS-EM, Barb Pierce Coding and Consulting Inc.

Coding for Hospitalists’ Expanding Scope of Services

Date: April 25

Session leader: Yvette M. Cua, MD, associate professor of medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine, associate vice chair of clinical affairs, Department of Medicine, University of Louisville

Staying Out of Trouble

Date: June 13

Session leader: LaVerne Jones, CPC, director of Evaluation and Management Services, The Coding Network

Integrating Physician Billing & Hospital DRG Assurance

Date: July 18

Session leader: Richard Pinson, MD, FACP, CCS, HCQ Consulting LLC

Optimizing Performance and Compliance

Date: August 29

Session leader: Leslie Flores, MHA, Nelson Flores Hospital Medicine Consultants, senior advisor, SHM practice management

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