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ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Pre-Course Is Learning Experience


Recertification is a fact of life for physicians. But at today’s ABIM Maintenance of Certification pre-course, the conversation is about more than just answers. It’s about the questions.

“When you take the actual recertification exam, it’s an exam,” Ethan Cumbler, MD, FACP, of University of Colorado Denver, says between leading question-and-answer sessions at the Hm12 pre-course this afternoon. “You find out whether it’s pass or fail. But when you go through this process of getting to look at the questions, look at all the answers, ask questions, discuss it as a group for the controversies - that’s an entirely different process."

Dr. Cumbler also tells pre-course attendees that the MOC is more than an evaluation.

“What this is is a learning process," he says, "and I think the people who come want to be part of that."

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