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Conway Tells HM12 Attendees to Keep Focus on Triple Aim: Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost


CMS has evolved from a passive payor to an active facilitator and catalyst for quality improvement, with a “relentless focus” on what is the right thing to do for patients, Pat Conway told more than 2,000 hospitalists at HM12 in San Diego this morning.

There are a myriad of efficiencies and tactics being implemented at CMS to enhance the ability to roll out best practices across the board, in rapid cycle sequence. The future of safety is moving from individual safety breaches to an “all-cause harm” metric that tracks across setting.

A big focus in the next 2 years will be reduction of readmission (with financial penalties) and a reduction of hospital-acquired conditions (through the Partnership for Patients).

CMS is moving toward:

  • Patient-centered outcomes;
  • Reducing burdensome measurements; and
  • Anticipating and mitigating unintended consequences;

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