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SHM IT Quality Subcommittee Focuses on Clinical Decision Support


The geeks of the Society of Hospital Medicine met to plan out the coming year during the SHM IT Quality Subcommittee Meeting, held Sunday at HM12. Actually, the committee is far from the "The Big Bang Theory" caricature. During the introduction we meet members who snowboard, ski, sail, cycle, play tennis, climb mountains, and even collect German cars. After introductions, the majority of the meeting focused on goals for the year.

The main point of discussion surrounded the concept of Clinical Decision Support (CDS). The committee was very lucky to have Jerry Osheroff, one of the key editors of the new HIMSS publication Improving Outcomes with CDS: An Implementer's Guide. The SHM was a co-sponsor of the publication, and the society's own Kendall Rogers was an editor. Osheroff reviewed the concept of CDS, and included a discussion of the CDS/PI Collaborative, a program he leads. The committee elected to extensively study this approach as a way to bring health IT and quality back together. Brian Donavon best summed up member impressions when he said, "We have lost control of IT."

Bottom Line

• Within a few weeks, the committee will develop goals for the coming year.

• The committee is giving serious consideration to incorporating CDS into the HQPS initiatives, and bringing the concept to the SHM membership at large.

Dr. Holder is medical director of hospitalist services and chief medical information officer, Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, Ill. He is also chairman of the SHM IT Quality Committee.

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