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Affordable Care Act Implementation and How Hospital Medicine Can Help Lead Health Care


Patrick Conway, MD, MSc, chief medical officer of CMS and director of the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, stated he has taken a position that pays less, has more hours, and tends to upset lots of people. But at the same time, its the most rewarding and most difficult job he has done. And so began an information-filled discussion on CMS policies.

Fortunately, he is one of SHM's own who has the core hospitalist value of quality and patient-centeredness. He also is in a position of power in the government.

An obvious focus of CMS, Dr. Conway explained, is to push the U.S. healthcare system toward a patient-centered outcome measures. Throughout the various projects (value-based purchasing, bundled-payment projects, Save a Million Heart program, readmission reduction) is the goal of improved patient-centered care. In addition the concepts of "better care, better health, and lower costs" represents the cornerstones of this historic time in healthcare.

Key Takeaway: A call to collective action.

What can you do:

  1. Partner with your hospital administration and quality improvement teams;
  2. Understand your hospitals performance data;
  3. Take a physician leadership role; and
  4. Create a collaboration with your community partners.

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