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Journal of Hospital Medicine (JHM) Goes Monthly


The Journal of Hospital Medicine (JHM), SHM’s specialty-leading, peer-reviewed journal, will go from publishing nine issues each year to publishing 12 monthly issues, starting with the January 2013 issue.

The expansion is a natural but important one to editor in chief Andrew D. Auerbach, MD, MPH. Specifically, it is a positive indicator for the entire specialty.

“The transition to a monthly publication is an important milestone for JHM, because it means the field of hospital medicine continues to grow as an academic discipline in the quality and quantity of the scholarly work it is producing,” Dr. Auerbach says.

In 2012, SHM added additional pages to each JHM issue to accommodate the quantity of accepted submissions to the publication.

The addition of three issues per year is just one of many new developments, Dr. Auerbach adds.

“The journal makes this transition as it also completes implementation of a more efficient peer-review process, which provides excellent feedback to authors in a timely fashion. For example, authors can expect feedback from the journal within 28 days currently, as opposed to 50 or more days in the past,” he says. “This allows JHM and authors to ensure their work is published in a timely manner, which increases impact of the manuscript and furthers the field.”

Established in 2006, the Journal of Hospital Medicine now reaches nearly 9,000 hospitalists and others.

SHM Members Get Free Access To JHM Online

All SHM members get online access to JHM as a benefit of membership. Be sure to activate your online subscription to receive instant access as soon as each monthly issue is published at the Wiley Online Library. To receive your member access code and registration instructions, visit

Access to JHM online includes:

  • Full-text access to all issues and supplements dating back to 2006;
  • A search tool to find articles by keyword, author, DOI, or date to find the exact information you need; and
  • Free e-alerts indicate when new articles and issues are published online.

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