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Medical Profession “Terrified” to Address Kernicterus Concerns


I read with interest this article and I must say it is inaccurate. My son was born in 2001. He had a bilirubin of 51. Having the diagnosis of kernicterus was difficult in coming. Why? Because the medical profession is terrified to admit that this is happening.

I am a proud member of PICK. My son is wheelchair-confined, he is completely deaf, visually impaired, and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and lung disease from the pneumonias that he suffers from almost monthly. Due to his many seizure medications, he now has a blood disease.

Please visit our website ( to do a little more research on this matter. Maybe call one of us, as parents, to find out more. My son is not from California. In fact, most of our parents are not from California. Maybe research in other states is warranted.

Christine Thau

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