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Now Accepting Senior FHM Applications

Earlier this year, more than 500 hospitalists were honored by SHM with the Fellow in Hospital Medicine (FHM) designation. In 2010, the inaugural class of Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine (SFHM) designees will join the next class of FHM.

If things go right for Rachel Lovins, MD, FHM, she’ll be among the first to affix “SFHM” to the end of her title. As one of the fellows inducted in Chicago and director of the hospitalist program at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut, she sees even greater promise in the SFHM designation.

“This is an exploding field with lots of opportunities—not just in my hospital, but nationally. I want to be involved in that,” says Dr. Lovins, who is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Yale University. “I want to do whatever I can do to position myself as a bigger player and part of the movement.”

SFHM designation is the next step for hospitalists actively working to distinguish themselves in the hospital-care setting. SFHM applicants will demonstrate their contributions to the specialty by earning points in the FHM program.

“We were thrilled with the number of applicants to the inaugural year of the fellow designation,” says Todd Von Deak, SHM vice president of membership and marketing. “We’re eager to receive even more for the FHM and SFHM this fall.”

For program updates and application instructions, visit or send e-mail to [email protected]. —BS

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