Academics Energized


Frank Marquez, MD, wasn't told he was going to the Academic Hospitalist Academy (AHA) until a couple of days before the start of the four-day training program in Atlanta. Short notice aside, Dr. Marquez was elated he was able to attend.

"There are a lot of practical tips. For me, the biggest thing is the academy has shown me that I have to stop being passive and start being proactive. I need to take an active role, serve on committees," says Dr. Marquez, a third-year academic hospitalist at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. "I think that's going to help my career."

Dr. Marquez, who leads a five-person team of residents, interns, and medical students, was one of nearly 80 early-career physicians—the average attendee had two years of HM experience—who attended AHA. The inaugural event was co-sponsored by SHM, the Society of General Internal Medicine and the Associate Chiefs of General Internal Medicine. The program featured top-flight HM faculty, but Dr. Marquez especially enjoyed the emphasis on small-group workshops and interactive teaching.

"When we first took our jobs as hospitalists, no one took the time to explain to us how to be an effective leader, mentor people, implement change," he says. "Here you have an opportunity to learn that and to participate. It’s not a lecture; it’s not intimidating. You can speak up."

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