Medicare Cuts Could Hit HM Hard


The final 2010 Medicare physician fee schedule presents a mixed bag for hospitalists. As officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) warned, the update carries a hefty 21.2% fee schedule cut. Congressional action to avert that cut is expected, though wrangling over healthcare reform may force a stopgap measure to prevent the cuts from taking effect Jan. 1.

In a statement, Jonathan Blum, director of the CMS Center for Medicare Management, said the Obama administration is committed to repealing the sustainable growth rate formula that resulted in the substantial cut. In the meantime, he said, CMS is finalizing its proposal to drop physician-administered drugs from the definition of "physician services," which is used to formulate future fee updates. SHM has strongly supported both efforts and is calling on members to contact their legislators before a Nov. 16 vote.

Another huge change for hospitalists: The use of consultation codes has been discontinued, with the exception of codes related to telemedicine. In their place, healthcare providers must bill under initial hospital care, initial nursing facility care, or initial office visits. All transfers of care, for example, will now require billing under an initial visit code rather than a subsequent visit code. Consultation documentation requirements will no longer apply, though initial codes could be valued somewhat lower than similar consultation codes despite proposed adjustments to the relative value units (RVUs). Although bad for traditional consultations, some analysts see the net change as good for the comanagement of patients.

To help smooth the transition to this new coding system, SHM will be hosting a webinar, "Hot Topics in Evaluation and Management Coding," on Dec. 2.

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