1. Saeedeh Babaesfahani

    I must say that like Dr. Li says, who is advocating on multidisciplinary rounds, I also believe that multidisciplinary rounds are one of the ways hospitals can improve patient care. According to this article, most of physicians and doctors also believe that multidisciplinary rounds would work. However, they have not been able to make it work. Due to a lack of a meaningful model. In my opinion, multidisciplinary rounds are hard and difficult to start up, but once the system starts running, it will pay off. as Dr. Li says, “ it’s like a play, the best way to learn your part is to practice and have a script”. When people know their role and are clear on what they must do, it usually works, it may take time, but it will work. In my opinion, although medicine and medical science are so advanced we still lack patient care and for this reason, we should try any possible way to improve it.


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