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Clarification: Hyponatremia Article Chart Should Have Referenced Hypervolemia, Not Hypovolemia

Dear Editor:

Excellent article on hyponatremia management in the August 2014 issue. I would like to point out a possible error/typo in Figure 2 on page 12. In the flowchart, the third category is described as “HYPOvolemia,” with causes mentioned as congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome. Did the authors mean HYPERvolemia? Thanks again for publishing an article about this common-but-confusing clinical problem.

–Rahul Kumar, MD

San Juan Regional Medical Center

Farmington, N.M.

From the editors:

Dr. Kumar, thanks for the e-mail and attention to detail. Yes, in Figure 2 on page 12 of the August 2014 issue, the third category should read “HYPERvolemia,” not “HYPOvolemia.” Apologies for the error!

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