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Hospitalists Can Help Create the Future of Hospital Medicine


Two years ago, then-SHM President Eric Howell, MD, SFHM, challenged society members to recruit 1,000 medical students and residents to the hospitalist movement. Since then, SHM’s members have not only met that goal but continue to exceed it.

Dr. Howell

Dr. Howell

Today, the number of house staff continues to grow well beyond Dr. Howell’s original goal, and SHM offers even more programming with medical students and residents in mind.

The key to this success is twofold: the allure of a career in hospital medicine and the current generation of hospitalists who serve as a critical link to future hospitalists.

Brendon Shank is SHM’s associate vice president of communications.

You, Too, Can Help Create the Future of Hospital Medicine in Three Easy Steps

1 Visit SHM’s new microsite: The website, created using the Tumblr social media platform, is the hub for all of the best resources for medical students, residents, and hospitalists early in their careers.

2 Check out new videos. Hospitalists from all around the country explain why they chose to become career hospitalists in five new videos, available at

3 Share the love. If you like the videos, share them on your favorite social media networks. Is there a future of hospital medicine event in your area? E-mail the details to your colleagues and others. The successful growth of the movement depends on enthusiastic hospitalists sharing these resources with future hospitalists.

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