1. N Parikh MD

    I find this article and like articles fascinating as most community primary care docs are kicked out by the hospital systems at least here in South Florida. They get a contract with hospitalist companies and take us off ER call. As the article correctly points out, the hospitalist have limited knowledge of the patients history and goals. Moreover, I find the hospitalist of little knowledge on what meds the patients insurance actually covers-often times discharging on meds not covered or very expensive for the patient leading to non-compliance.
    Against, I see articles like this saying how important it is for the community docs to be involved. At least in Sofl, community docs are kicked off ER call in favor of salaried docs by the hospital. Corporations are now running our healthcare system, not the docs! This is why despite all the modern changes to healthcare, there is little or no improved outcomes nor any improvement in cost of healthcare.


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