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Mobile Apps to Improve Quality, Value at Point-of-Care for Inpatients


HM15 Presenters: Roger Yu, MD, Cheng-Kai Kao, MD, Anuj Dalal, MD, and Amit Pahwa, MD

Summary: The panel of high-tech doctors helped a standing-room-only crowd navigate numerous apps to be used at point-of-care [PDF, 458 kb]. Groups worked through case studies utilizing applicable mobile apps. Examples and most useful apps, including occasional user reviews, follow:

Provider-to-Provider Communication, HIPAA secure

  • Doximity.
  • HIPAA-chat.
  • Pros: HIPAA-secure, real-time communication.
  • Cons: Both parties must be on app to securely communicate.

Provider-to-Patient Communication, Language Translators

  • Google Translate: multiple platforms, free, 90 languages.
  • MediBabble: iOS only, free, seven languages, dedicated medical application.

Diagnostic Apps for Providers

  • Calculate by QxM.
  • PreOpEval14: iOS only.
  • PreopRisk Assessment: Android only.
  • ASCVD Risk Estimator.
  • in addition to usual formulas, great abg-analyzer (online version only).
  • AnticoagEvaluator.
  • epocrates: calculators.

Click here for a PDF of useful apps and resource links [PDF, 177 kb]

Resources for Evidence-Based Practice

  • ACP Clinical Guidelines.
  • ACP Smart Medicine.
  • Read by QxMD.
  • UpToDate.
  • AHRQ ePPS: identifies clinical preventive services.
  • epocrates.

Patient Engagement Apps

  • Medication reminders: MediSafe, CareZone.
  • Pharmaceutical costs: Walmart, Target Healthful, GoodRx.
  • Proper inhaler usage: User Inhalers App.
  • Smoking cessation: QuitSTART.

HM15 takeaways

  • Apps are available to providers and patients to enhance quality, value, and compliance;
  • Before “prescribing” any app to patients, vet the application yourself; and
  • Use apps to supplement your clinical practice, but be wary of becoming over-reliant upon them, to the detriment of long-term memory. In order to utilize information in critical-thinking processes, it must be stored in long-term memory. TH

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