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HM16 Session Analysis: Reinforcing Practice Culture, Maximizing Engagement Through Effective Communication


HM16 Presenters: Dr. Scott Rissmiller, Dr. Steve Deitelzweig, Dr. Jerome Siy, Dr. Thomas Mcllraith, and Dr. Michael Reitz

Summary: This session at #HospMed16 explored lessons learned from five hospitalist leaders across the country about improving hospitalist practice through enhancing hospitalist engagement, group communication, and leadership development. It was proposed that the “new” value equation is [Engagement * (quality/cost)] = Value. Engagement is the multiplier of value. The speakers highlighted the following:

Build a Plan : Approach engagement like any other business plan with metrics, accountability, and “S.M.A.R.T." goals.

Build Trust: Visibility breeds credibility. Credibility breeds Trust. Trust encourages Engagement.

Build Transparency: Keep communication simple and be sure that it’s helpful information.

Build Leaders: All hospitalists are leaders. Strong leadership skills promote effective communication across the system. Nurture leadership skills for the right level of leadership, to find the right seat on the bus.

Build Celebrations: Celebrate successes, and learn from failure. TH

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