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SHM Leadership Academy: Learning Awaits in Mastering Teamwork Course


As the SHM Leadership Academy’s course director, I always find time to visit the Mastering Teamwork course because each year, even though it’s slightly different, it’s still exciting. In past meetings, I’ve learned from talented faculty how lessons in college football relate to practice, been provided guidance on how to recognize what makes me tick, and heard firsthand perspective on large-scale medical events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and even the Boston Marathon tragedy. I always learn a few new things. As they say, repetition is the mother of learning, and the Mastering Teamwork course never fails to make that learning a lot of fun.

As a professor of medicine, I’ve always liked learning. But I truly enjoy learning when it’s fun and exciting. To me, this mixture of academia and excitement is the epitome of Mastering Teamwork. When two of the faculty, Mark Williams, MD, MHM, and Amit Prachand, MEng, needed to teach about teamwork, they decided to develop an interactive session. While in Hawaii, they constructed a “river” out of cardboard and props for Mastering Teamwork participants to navigate. It was a hands-on lesson in group dynamics. It was educational and, most of all, a hoot.

Kay Cannon, MBA, taught me that the skills I used in previous job levels may not be the drivers of my success in today’s job (or tomorrow’s), and Jeffrey Wiese, MD, MHM, and Lenny Marcus, PhD, are two of the best storytellers I know and have me on the edge of my seat every time I hear them speak. Their life experiences make excellent fodder for hospitalist leadership pearls and are more riveting than Downton Abbey (or whatever drama is your favorite).

I look forward to seeing everyone at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, from October 24 to 27 to experience what I know will be a memorable, enjoyable learning experience for all.

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Dr. Howell is SHM’s senior physician advisor and course director for SHM’s Leadership Academy.

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